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Kim Wilson is arguably one of the world’s foremost authorities on macadamias, a highly experienced futurist offering strategic insight and innovation to the global macadamia industry.

Kim is the founder and managing director of Eureka Macadamia Management and Macadamia Consultancy International, a global consultancy that has managed projects all over the world.

What will the global macadamia industry look like in 10 years? What’s happening in the China macadamia industry? What are the opportunities available in the growing global industry and what are our competitive threats? Answering these questions and many more has long been a passion for Kim, with over four decades of expertise to draw from.

Widely respected and recognised for his outstanding contributions at the helm of Australia’s peak industry body, the Australian Macadamia Society, and his contribution to the development of macadamia industries in developing countries, Kim is in constant demand as a speaker, delivering insightful presentations to worldwide audiences of government, industry and business associations and new and existing growers.

He is regularly sought out by the media to speak on behalf of the Australian macadamia industry and has appeared twice on ABC TV’s national program ‘Landline’. He was also an ambassador at the industry's 40th anniversary celebrations on Sydney Harbour in 2014.

Engaging, authoritative and credible, Kim is a highly quotable and authentic speaker who illustrates his presentations with first-hand experiences. His versatility as a speaker means he can deliver powerful conference presentations, conduct educational sessions or run skills/training workshops around topics like new industry development, nursery establishment, plantation establishment and management, efficiency and profitability.

He is the former General Manager of one of Australia’s top macadamia enterprises ‘Gray Plantations’, where he managed more than 350 hectares of macadamia plantations across Australia as well as large nurseries (150,000-trees) which supplied macadamia trees to Australia and the world.

Quick facts about Kim

  • Highly respected by his industry peers, he led Australia’s peak macadamia industry body - the Australian Macadamia Society - as Chairman, for three years from 2009-2011, and was a Board member for 16 years.
  • He chaired the national Research and Development Committee, which guided Australia’s highly successful multi-million dollar, cutting-edge research and development program and helped position Australian at the forefront of the world macadamia industry.
  • Kim is also well known for his pioneering work on high density plantations in Queensland, Australia.
  • He is regularly contracted by domestic and international clients to advise on all aspects of macadamia production - from general farm management to feasibility studies and property planning/management.
  • Over the last decade, his focus has shifted to assisting developing countries to build their own macadamia industries. He has consulted in China, Vietnam, Brazil, Burma, Philippines, Sri Lanka and Thailand.
  • Kim has spent considerable time as an industry ambassador, participating in numerous international macadamia studies and tours, and been invited to speak at a number of international conferences.
  • His outstanding contribution to the global macadamia industry has been acknowledged with numerous awards, including the Australian Macadamia Society Norman R. Greber Award (2002) – the most prestigious award in the Australian macadamia industry and Life Membership of the Australian Macadamia Society (2011) – for his exceptional contribution to the Australian macadamia industry over the last three decades.


Kim can tailor a presentation and key messages to suit your individual event, or you can choose below from some of the topics Kim has previously spoken about:

  • The global macadamia industry
  • The Australian macadamia industry
  • Emerging macadamia industries in developing countries
  • Macadamia production in China
  • Improving efficiency and profitability
  • Nursery production: the key to a successful industry
  • Establishing and managing a plantation

What clients say about Kim

Kim is an acclaimed industry leader and innovator, and his passion about maximising the enormous global potential of the macadamia nut really resonated with our audience. He is a powerful speaker.

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