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Our domestic and international study tours are an excellent way to keep abreast of global farming techniques, technological developments and new opportunities.

The nature of the global macadamia industry is rapidly changing. The global technology boom has taken off, trade barriers are coming down, demand is rising strongly (led by increasing prosperity in developing economies), and important new players like China and Vietnam are fast developing their own macadamia industries. This creates a whole new range of global and local business opportunities. It has never been more important to keep abreast of industry trends and changes due to the increasing pressure to become more competitive and efficient in this globally-focussed environment.

Here at Macadamia Consultancy International, we know it only takes one good idea to improve your operations, become more productive, profitable, sustainable, or to save time and energy. 

We develop tailored macadamia study tours and orchard tours on request for growers, processors, marketers, government delegations, academics and general industry representatives. Our managing director and your tour guide Kim Wilson has worked on macadamia projects all over the globe including Australia, China, Vietnam, Philippines, Sri Lanka and Myanmar, and his in-depth knowledge of each local industry is second to none.

Our tours operate both within Australia and around the world, and give you:

  • a customised, comprehensive itinerary and tour package using our key industry contacts, and based on your desired destination, goals, interests and budget
  • the unique opportunity to travel and learn about the global macadamia industry with like-minded people 
  • access to the best macadamia growers and orchards in Australia and overseas
  • access to our own macadamia specialists and expert local tour guides, and
  • the opportunity to meet key industry contacts.

Travelling to a foreign country – with different cultures and languages – can be intimidating. Let the professionals at Macadamia Consultancy International take the guesswork out of planning.

Australian macadamia study and orchard tours for international groups

Come and see why the Australian macadamia industry is at the forefront of the global industry.

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International study tours

  • Are you a macadamia grower or industry member looking for new ideas and technology, and keen to learn from practices being developed in other countries?
  • Do you want to see firsthand some of the emerging macadamia industries in other countries?
  • Would you like to understand the range of new global and local business opportunities available in the global macadamia industry?

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Invest in your business today with a Macadamia Consultancy International study tour. Our tours are fully tax deductible and cater for small groups (up to 10 people).  For more information, contact us.