Australian macadamia study and orchard tours for international groups

Come and see why the Australian macadamia industry is at the forefront of the global industry.

Australia is the birthplace of macadamias. And if there is one thing our growers know how to do, it’s how to grow high quality macadamias for export.

We lead the world in macadamia production, and our industry is the most sophisticated, highly mechanised and environmentally aware in the world. Buyers from Asia, Europe, the USA and elsewhere recognise Australia as the source of premium quality macadamia nuts.

Australian macadamia nut production on a commercial scale dates back only to the 1970s, and developed under often extremely difficult conditions, such as harsh climate, high labour costs and few Government subsidies.

So how did the industry achieve its No1 position in under 40 years?

A Macadamia Consultancy International study tour will give you firsthand knowledge on why Australian macadamia growers have a reputation for being the most efficient and advanced in the world, and why they are still constantly improving the understanding and practice of growing high quality macadamias. Your tour guide is one of the world’s leading macadamia experts, renowned Australian macadamia grower/manager Kim Wilson. Kim has four decades of experience in macadamias, and is the former General Manager of one of Australia’s top macadamia enterprises ‘Gray Plantations’.

  • Visit Australia’s established and developing (new) macadamia regions, leading macadamia orchards, processing facilities and research centres
  • Meet Australia’s best macadamia growers, processors, agronomy experts, researchers and other key industry contacts
  • See how Australian growers utilise innovation, advanced technology, farm-based research and efficient horticultural and management skills to gain maximum profitability and lead the world in nut yields per hectare and quality
  • Learn about our world-leading nutrition, crop protection, biological control, harvesting and post-harvest handling processes
  • See how our growers use integrated pest management techniques to limit pest and disease damage, minimise pesticide use and maximise recovery of sound kernel
  • Learn about our highly developed and sophisticated marketing, transport and processing infrastructure
  • Macadamia Consulting International can also organise workshops to focus on your designated topic of choice (e.g. nursery establishment, crop protection, harvesting, pest & disease management etc).

Fast facts about the Australian macadamia industry

For more information, visit the Australian Macadamia Society website or the Australian Nut Industry Council website you know that Australia holds the only natural germplasm resources for macadamias and has spent over $4 million over the last ten years on a comprehensive breeding program? Or that the fastest growing region is Bundaberg where production is expected to increase by 40% by 2020?

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